Nature Net

The Nature-Net is BCAS’s and BCNA’s joint e-mail announcement and discussion group. The Nature-net has been a great success in “getting the word out” about local environmental issues.

Please review the following Nature-Net topics and policies before signing up:

  • Topic: Boulder County (local) conservation issues, BCAS and BCNA field trip announcements and reports, and anything to do with public lands or nature in Boulder County.
  • No commercial advertising.
  • Boulder City/County government and other non-profit environmental organizations may post announcements (limit 2 announcements per event).
  • No political candidate endorsements.
  • No personal attacks. Be respectful; there is a difference between debating the issues, and attacking someone whose views differ from yours.
  • No file attachments. File attachments are the best way to spread computer viruses. Also, not everyone possesses the software to open and read the attachments. If you are referencing or including another document, copy and paste the text from your document into your e-mail message. File attachments will be removed.
  • No anonymous messages. Your name or organization must appear somewhere in the message. If political ramifications require you to remain anonymous, then submit your message to BCNA’s regular email address,, with instructions to remove your name. If it is relevant, we will post the message on your behalf.
  • Please do not post messages that do not meet these criteria. BCAS and BCNA reserve the right to reject any message we feel is inappropriate.

To subscribe, send a blank message to

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