Prairie Perambulations: Grasslands Immersion Weekend

  • June 8, 2018 12:00am - 12:00am
  • Semi-Arid Grasslands Research Center

DATE:  Friday, June 8 to Sunday, June 10


DONATION:  $300, including 2 nights lodging and all meals and drinks

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Dave Leatherman, Birds including loggerhead shrikes

Mike Weissman & Rachel Williams, Insects

Pam Smith, Botany, Paul Opler, Evening moth lighting

John Spencer, Evening astronomy

Dave Sutherland, Mammals

We will make use of the lovely facilities at the Semi-Arid Grasslands Research Station, where we will spend a weekend exploring prairie denizens and their ecosystems.  You will have the opportunity to discover and understand many facets of the seemingly austere lands that comprise eastern Colorado, when in fact they provide abundant habitats and fascinating adaptive strategies.  We have assembled a team of knowledgeable experts who will enlighten us about the complex web that is the short grass prairie.

The lark bunting will be in full song and we hope to hear the haunting call of the long-billed curlew as it defines its territory.  The loggerhead shrikes will be festooning barbed wire with their come-hither offerings for females and you will learn of the plants that they rely on for successful nesting.  You will be surprised and delighted when flipping sheltering cow pies to understand how important they are to the food chain.  We will light up a sheet to view nocturnal insects and, “night butterflies” (moths) that appear when dark settles in and then turn our eyes to the stars with an astronomer.

Your donation will cover 2 days/2 nights of lodging, meals and drinks.  All rooms have two twin beds and one bathroom per two bedrooms.  You must share a room.  We can meet anytime after 2 p.m.Friday, June 8 and the event will end mid-afternoon on Sunday, July 10.

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