Oh, Those Odes!! Dragonflies, That Is

    • July 28, 2017 12:00am - 12:00am
    • Boulder

    Ann Cooper and John Barr

    SOLD OUT!! Will take 2 on wait list

    Donation:  $40 per person 

    Dragonflies of the Order Odonata, are becoming ever more popular for study and viewing.  These exquisite creatures delight us with their shimmering colors and dancing flights.  Join our local experts, Ann and John, for a relaxing, slow-paced ramble around Sawhill and Walden Ponds or perhaps Pella Crossing.  The end of July is at the height of the dragonfly season, with overlap between early and late season species.  Expect to see many different families including damsels, spreadwings, darners, dashers, pondhawks, skimmers and meadowhawks.  We might even get lucky and be graced by a clubtail or snaketail.

    BCAS will provide a continental breakfast to begin this outing.  Ann is the author of Dragonflies of the Colorado Front Range.  John is a great naturalist and renown fly fisherman, particularly when it comes to anything aquatic.  Bring your camera!

    Registration instructions can be found here.



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