Fox Squirrel – Cutest Devil On The Block, February 28, 2017 7:15 PM

    • February 28, 2017 07:15pm - 09:00pm
    • Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder

    Dave Leatherman will explore the local life history of the Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger).  Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, you have to be amazed at the variety of things they do.  We will discuss how they affect other animals, shape tree architecture, challenge bird feeders, and at this very moment, are probably learning to hack your computer.  Bring your favorite squirrel story or recipe to share.

    A long-time favorite speaker and field guide in Colorado, Dave Leatherman was born and raised in central Ohio where his interest in Nature began in childhood. Dave served as the state entomologist for the Colorado State Forest Service from 1974 to 2005 where his major responsibilities included all aspects of Mountain Pine Beetle, teaching, and surveys. He is an avid birder, active in the Colorado Field Ornithologists, has seen 445 species in the state, and has been part of finding three First State Records.  He says his favorite bird is the Blackburnian Warbler, and right up there also are crossbills, shrikes, Canyon Wren, vireos, pelagic species, and the Merlin. To quote Dave,”… his interest in arboreal squirrels, of which the Fox Squirrel is one, was inevitable when a person spends as much looking at and into trees as I (he) does.”

    Join us for a stimulating, fun-filled evening!

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