Beavers in the Gloaming: Architects of the Landscape

  • July 20, 2018 12:00am - 12:00am
  • Arapaho Ranch

This Interludes With Nature trip is led by Carron Meaney.

DATE:  Friday evening, July 20, 2018

SOLD OUT!! We’ll take 4 on the waitlist.

LIMITED TO:  10 participants

DONATION:  $50, including a gourmet picnic dinner.

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Arapahoe Ranch is the intended destination for our beaver watching. This ranch is also a fantastic location to explore birds, insects, and other wildlife. We will keep a sharp eye out for moose!  The trip will include a wonderful picnic dinner, a leisurely walk walkabout to discover what nature has to offer, and a quiet sitting by the pond to hope for and watch beaver activity at dusk. Bring a flashlight and mosquito repellant.

In the early 1800’s beaver populations were decimated by trappers in search of their lush hides.  The unintended consequences were changes to the landscape. Beaver dams create ponds which result in wetlands that foster the growth of willows and other water-loving plants, and in turn create habitat for muskrats, river otters, and mink, as well as aquatic insects, fish, birds, and terrestrial mammals including moose.  Many wetlands were lost. Fortunately these animals have made a comeback providing us with opportunities to watch their behavior in the gloaming (dusk) when many animals are most active. Beavers live in extended family groups; we could see adults, year-old kits, and this year’s kits. We will discuss their natural history and behavior.

Carron received her PhD on pika scent-marking behavior. She served as Curator of Mammals at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for 10 years, then ran her own wildlife consulting business for 11 years.  Her expertise on Preble’s meadow jumping mouse enabled her to serve on its Recovery Team, helping to draft the plan that would get the mouse off of the Endangered Species list. She is currently semi-retired, and continues her work on various projects locally and abroad.

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