Banding Baby Barn Owls with Scott Rashid

  • June 24, 2018 12:00am - 12:00am

This Interludes with Nature trip is SOLD OUT!!

We’ll take 2 more on the wait list. Limited to 12 people.

Date: Evening, late June to early July, depending on the birds

Donation: $60.00, including dinner and drinks

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Back by popular demand: Four years ago, Scott Rashid, of the Center for Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute, (CARRI), embarked on an experiment. Would there be more Barn Owls in Boulder County if there were more breeding cavities? With grants from Boulder County Audubon, Scott began installing nest boxes on private properties in northern Boulder County. Since then, dozens of baby Barn Owls have fledged and been banded. Thousands of people have addictively watched one of his web cams to follow the fascinating breeding, brooding, hatching and feeding of these enigmatic birds.

Join us early one evening in late June or early July, (truly the date is up to the birds) to watch Scott and his crew band the nestlings from one of these sites on private property. Scott will talk about the biology of this very special species and where some of his bands have been recovered. You will have charming photo ops and perhaps the opportunity to even hold one of the young. Stay for dinner and drinks provided by BCAS.

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