A Visit To The Butcher’s Shop

    • May 27, 2017 12:00am - 12:00am
    • Weld County

    Date:  Saturday, May 27, 2017

    3 SPOTS LEFT:  Limited to 10 people in 3 cars

    Donation:  $60 per person

    David Leatherman

    Butcher’s Shop?  Be prepared to enter the fascinating and often macabre world of the Loggerhead Shrike. This plains denizen, is also known as the, “butcher bird” for its habit of impaling prey on twigs, barbed wire or thorns.  Indeed anything sharp enough will suffice because although this species has a classic raptorial bill, it lacks grasping talons to secure its prey.

    Dave, a retired Colorado Forest Service entomologist, is a superb observer and another great all-round naturalist in our Interludes series.  He has found shrike territories in Weld and Larimer Counties that will simply amaze you with the variety of insects, reptiles and mammals with which these Shrike have stocked their larders.  You might find beetles, grassphoppers, lizards and birds which have all fallen victim to this predacious species.  Learn of their natural history and enjoy a day on the prairie with an expert.  Read more in Dave’s column, The Hungry Bird in the Colorado Field Ornithologist’s Quarterly, Vol. 49, No.4, Fall 2015, available on line.

    BCAS will provide a gourmet lunch.  Bring water, cameras and a sense of awe.

    Registration instructions can be found here.

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