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Boulder County Birding Certificate Programs
There are no certificate programs scheduled for 2014.

BCAS Hog Island Teen Birding Camp Scholarships Boulder County Audubon offers a full scholarship to a summer ornithology camp for Boulder County area students ages 15-17. Learn more about the Summer Audubon Camp.

Boulder County Audubon Teen Naturalists Boulder County Audubon’s teen naturalist program offers middle and high school students the opportunity to explore many facets of the natural world and their interactions.  The group participates in wildlife surveys (birds, bats, butterflies, etc.), bioblitzes, nature photography workshops, and other outdoor activities. For more information, contact Steve Jones or 303-494-2468.

Follow teen naturalists Joel and Marcel's blog.

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden If you want to make your garden attractive to birds, there are four resources that are essential that any habitat must supply for them: Food, Water, Shelter and Cover, and Nesting Sites. Read Mary Balzer's article about these essential resources for attracting birds to your Boulder County garden.

"Prairie Saga" Puppet Show
The short grass prairie is one of the most endangered ecosystems. Our 40 minute presentation, including Puppet Show and interactive Q & A game, takes you through a day in the Prairie Dog Colony. Maureen Lawry, the presenter, is the recipient of the Audubon Society's "Outstanding Environmental Educator" award for this program. Maureen and "Petey", star of the show, were featured in the July/August 2013 issue of LEGACY, the magazine of the National Association for Interpretation (© 2013, used with permission).

  • Did you know that the prairie dog has the most sophisticated language of any mammal studied besides humans?
  • Or that prairie dogs have a complex burrow system that includes many rooms and escape tunnels?
  • The kids learn that the Prairie Dog is a keystone species and 160 species depend on it for their survival.
  • Snakes, reptiles, insects, birds, mammals and, of course, the prairie dog tell us about themselves in a fun and entertaining show.
  • You can even hear real Prairie Dog alarm calls!

Our presentation is available to grade school age kids in Boulder County and Beyond.

Life in the burrow is shown through shadow puppets, so the stage needs to be indoors and is more effective in a darkened room.

Space Requirements: The stage is 8' tall and 5'x5' wide/deep.

To book a show or ask questions, contact:

  • Teachers receive a handout that includes critical thinking questions about the content covered in the show.
  • The program reinforces vocabulary and concepts that are taught in the third grade science curriculum dealing with the prairie.
  • Also, the program supports art and literacy standards.
  • There is Q & A game in which everyone participates.
  • Everyone receives an amazing bookmark with photographs and facts about the prairie.

Please consider having us visit your group to put on this delightful "Prairie Saga" Puppet Show.

Find us on Facebook   Petey has a Facebook page!

What they are saying about the Puppet Show:

A few weeks ago, we hosted a puppet show with world-renowned puppet mistress Maureen Lawry. She performed THE PRAIRIE SAGA, featuring Petey the Prairie Dog. Participants learned about just how important the prairie ecosystem is. The puppet show was so successful, we hope to schedule a few more.
-- Steve Mertz, Open Space Mountain Parks, Boulder, CO
Before watching the PRAIRIE SAGA puppet show at the zoo, I thought prairie dogs only caused plagues and should be eliminated. The show taught me about the colony. I was fascinated to learn that they have bathrooms in their burrows, a complex communication system and escape tunnels. This show enables me to teach first and second graders about the prairie dog and its importance as a keystone species in the prairie ecosystem.
-- M.S., a Denver Spellbinder (storyteller)
Audubon's educational puppet show, The Prairie Saga, tells the white-tailed prairie dog story in an educational and fun way that clearly demonstrates the critical role this species plays in maintaining the health of our native grasslands. (more ...)
The show brilliantly uses puppet theater to distill complex ecological concepts for a diverse audience, but the end message is anything but simplistic. Without addressing the threats to this highly-imperiled keystone species, we are risking the future of dozens of other species that depend on the white-tailed prairie dog for survival. Kids and adults alike are captivated by the show and inspired by its message to take action on behalf of our dwindling prairie ecosystems. Center for Native Ecosystems will continue to include The Prairie Saga in our outreach efforts for years to come.

-- Andrea West, Development Director, Center for Native Ecosystems
The prairie dog puppet show was entertaining and educational for all ages! (more ...)
The program revolves around the story of a young, precocious prairie dog and his wise grandmother in a prairie dog town. The program incorporates not only life at the surface, but also underground and in the air showing birds of prey. The use of the shadow box was a very creative way to show that prairie dogs remain active throughout the multi-level burrow in which they live. I really enjoyed the program and am looking forward to seeing it again during our Fall Ferret Festival at Badlands National Park. The program does a fantastic job not only of entertaining us but also showing us the importance of the prairie dog as a keystone species in the prairie.

-- Alison Shoup, Park Ranger, Volunteer Program Manager, Badlands National Park
You certainly know how to cast a spell ...
-- a parent at a showing of The Prairie Sage

Boulder County Audubon Society puppet showComments (unedited!) from the kids:

The show was awesome.

It taute me new things, and It was funny.

I used to think that they were just dogs that just dig and dig.

I learned that prairy dogs are important to other life.