Award Winners


Community Conservation Award — Karen Hollweg

Environmental Conservation Champion — Tim Hogan



Lifetime Achievement Award –Bill Kaempfer
Community Conservation Award – Boulder County Parks and Open Space wildlife biologists Michelle Durant, David Hoerath, Mac Kobza; and senior wildlife biologist Susan Spaulding

Junior Conservation Activist — Annika Sherrill



Lifetime Achievement Award –Jan Chu
Lifetime Achievement Award – Steve Jones
Community Conservation Award – Carol McCasland


Lifetime Achievement Award – Paula Hansley
Environmental Conservation Champion – Sue Cass
Community Conservation Award – Joy Master, Matt Clausen

Lifetime Achievement Award – Dr. William A. Weber (botanist, professor, naturalist, author; many publications
including seminal works on botanicals of the Rocky Mountains)
Environmental Conservation Champion – J.D. Birchmeier (teacher, community activist (birds, gardens and trails)
and volunteer, wildlife shelter construction expert)
Community Conservation Award — Pam Wanek (naturalist, land-use planner, prairie dog conservation expert
and re-locator)

Lifetime Achievement Award — Joyce Gellhorn (educator, field trip leader, author specializing in the Alpine)
Environmental Conservation Champion — Ray Bridge (conservation committee chair and diligent researcher
for BCAS, as well as attendee at hearings on widespread issues)
Community Conservation Connections — Topher Downham (OSMP volunteer and advocate for the disabled;
author of trail accessibility guide for disabled, and field trip leader for BCAS)

Lifetime achievement — George Oetzel (chapter leader, website developer, newsletter editor since
Environmental conservation — Laura Osborne (eco-steward & conservation activist for Walker Ranch
County Open Space)
Contribution to Education — Maureen Lawry and Mary Balzer (stewards of our ed. programs for past five
years, and developer/presenters of the Prairie Ecosystem Puppet Show for elementary schoolchildren)
Community Conservation Award – the environmental members of the Community Collaboration Group
working on the City’s West-Trail study area policy design for 18 months (Linda Jourgensen, Beverly Gholson,
Karen Hollweg, Ray Bridge, James Gallo, Gwen Dooley; substitute Petrea Mah)

Leadership — Steve Jones (chapter leader for 2 decades, BCNA leader for longer; teacher and field trip
leader; voice for County & State environmental stewardship)
Community conservation — Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (local non-profit restoration organization)
Conservation — Chris & Debbie Abrahamson (initiators and coordinators of the County burrowing owl
Volunteer of the year — Amy Schlotthauer, web designer and maintainer for BCAS
Lifetime Achievement – Ken Strom, state and regional coordinator for Audubon

Environmental Conservation award — Bill Schmoker (Christmas Birdcount coordinator)
Leadership Award — Bob Turner (longtime national, state and chapter leader and liaison)
Community Conservation— Leslie Glustrom (green energy activist, clean energy & carbon reduction goals)
Special recognition — Gary Graham (State Audubon director for 6 yrs, and conservationist/researcher for

Conservation Award — Marti and George Oetzel (bluebird trail monitoring coordinators)
Community Conservation — Dave Hallock (longtime County resource consultant and planner)
Leadership — Linda Andes-Georges (frequent chapter leader in various positions over a decade)

Environmental Conservation— Connie Holsinger (longtime City OSMP supporter and donator to local and
national conservation through the Terra Foundation; originator of the Coal Creek Renaissance concept)
Leadership–Marge Foland (charter member of the chapter; Gillian and Alex Brown, originators and caretakers
of the Wildlife Inventory program since 1985)
Community Conservation–Kirk Cunningham (longtime local activist, leader of the conservation core of the
Indian Peaks Sierra Club chapter)

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