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    President – Scott Severs
    Vice President – Pam Piombino
    Treasurer – Carol McCasland

    Secretary – Georgia Briscoe

    Other Board of Directors

    Linda Andes-Georges

    Pat Billig 

    Cindy Cornelius

    Phil McNichols

    George Oetzel

    Ann Tagawa

    Standing Committees (* Board members)
    Conservation/Legislation – Ray Bridge
    Programs – Pam Piombino*
    Field Trips – Pam Piombino*
    Education – Maureen Lawry & Mary Balzer
    Bluebird Trail Coordinator – Doug Beltman
    Membership – Cindy Maynard
    Newsletter – Linda A Georges, Eric DeFonso
    Website – Laura Steadman, Rachel Steiker
    Publicity and Social Media – Jenny Slade, Cindy Maynard
    Audubon Council of Colorado – Pam Piombino* & Steve Jones
    Christmas Bird Count Coordinator – Bill Schmoker
    Wildlife Inventory – Alex & Gillian Brown
    Corresponding secretary – Cindy Maynard
    Crossbill email account – Carol McCasland*
    Nature-Net Moderator – Scott Severs*


    Award Winners Through the Years
    Exceptional local volunteers are honored each year. Browse through the list of honorees since 2007.

    Contact Us: email or BCAS, P.O. Box 2081, Boulder, CO 80306

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    The Boulder County Audubon Society is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation.

    Join NatureNet
    Nature-Net is a joint BCAS and Boulder County Nature Association email forum. It is used for announcements of classes and trips and for discussing many topics relating to Boulder County’s natural environment. Find Nature-Net subscription information here.


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